Who runs The Rad Mall:
The Rad Mall
 is run and operated by NAC.  

Born in 1980, NAC spent his childhood during the decade that influences the existence of The Rad Mall.  "I began The Rad Mall as a way of bottling up those memories from the way life was in the 80's, as compared to how they are today.  Especially having been just a little kid in the 80's, the memories I've kept are continuously present when I devote my time to The Rad Mall.  I hope that visitors here can experience a similar nostalgic feeling that takes them back to their own individual memories of the 80's - or give the next generation of shoppers, a glimpse at how gnarly the 80's really were and what a special time it was in our lives who lived it".

The other reason why NAC started The Rad Mall:
"It's a way of means to make money for myself.  I am a kidney transplant recipient as of 2015 and currently do not have many options as far as work is concerned, unfortunately.  While also battling depression, The Rad Mall helps me take my mind off of my physical woes, by focusing on the fun aspects that The Rad Mall allows me to create". 

NAC wishes NOT to be "pitied",  but wishes to express gratitude to those who help out by not just patrons of the mall, but by everyone who participates within The Rad Mall (primarily through social media).  The Rad Mall is NOT a corporation, but just 1 man's effort to make ends meet.

The Rad Mall's focus:
With the continuing trend of "brick & mortar" stores closing due to economical issues,  serves as an online version of the RAD malls that graced our lives throughout the 80's.  Only it's presented in this digital format on the internet, as an "Online Shopping Center" for all your one-stop shopping needs.

Musical Influence:
The 80's genre is highly driven by it's music, and The Rad Mall recognizes hits of the past (and tracks that definitely have gone under the radar).  Each week, The Rad Mall celebrates 1 song from the 80's through our "Hit of The Week".
(Often more times than not, our Hit of The Week can be purchased at CD Universe  - our media entertainment affiliate).

80's Legacy:

Whether still alive or have passed on, The Rad Mall also celebrates the lives of the many pop culture entertainers who made the decade what it was - and their contributions to the World (music, movies, television, sports, radio, events, ect)

Mall Directory:
Just like any great mall, we too have our own sections where you can find your favorite site/s, such as the following:

- Department Stores
- Clothing Apparel
- Health & Wellness
- Cannabis Culture (we do support full legalization / decriminalization)
- Entertainment
- Toys
- Games
- Food Court

Contacting The Rad Mall:
If you have any questions, "Hit of The Week" requests, ideas you'd like to throw at The Rad Mall, looking to add your store to our site, ect.

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be excellent to each other & stay rad!